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Another Bogus Brag by Stefani Carter

Official records show that Carter “Did Not Meet” the minimum requirements of a misdemeanor prosecutor

Stefani Carter’s Pattern of Dishonesty

From the day she launched her campaign, Stefani Carter has refused to shoot straight with voters.

For months, Stefani Carter has presented herself as an aggressive and competent former prosecutor and has touted her experience in the Collin County DA’s office as a qualification to serve in the Texas Legislature. Once again, Carter’s claims are simply untrue.

Stefani Carter 

Employee records obtained by the Lone Star Project show that Stefani Carter’s performance was so weak that she “Did Not Meet” the minimum standards required by the Collin County DA’s office. While Carter continuously portrays herself as “tough on crime,” she actually convicted criminals in less than 62% of the misdemeanor cases she tried - the minimum threshold for a misdemeanor prosecutor in Collin County. This rate is determined in part by the regional average of convictions in Dallas, Tarrant and Denton counties. She also left her job as a assistant prosecutor after just a year to take a higher paying job. 

Bogus Brags 

Stefani Carter worked in the Collin County DA’s office for less than a year, did not work on the felony trial team and was given a failure rating as a misdemeanor prosecutor. Nevertheless, Carter has dishonestly presented herself as a competent prosecutor. 

What Stefani Says: 

On her campaign literature, on questionnaires and in biographies, Stefani Carter portrays herself as an aggressive and successful prosecutor using terms like:


Any claim by Carter to be a tough, successful or even competent prosecutor is a gross exaggeration.

Read the Carter File

  • Carter’s performance review after months as a misdemeanor prosecutor in the Collin County DA’s office documents that she “Did Not meet” the minimum prosecution rate for Colin County.
  • Her rating of 1 out of 3 evaluation is the lowest rating possible.
  • 4 in 10 of the prosecutions led by Stefani Carter ended with the defendant walking away free of any penalty.
  • Just six months after Stefani received the failure rating by the DA’s office, she quit working as a prosecutor having never worked as part of the felony prosecution team.