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Domingo Garcia lashes out at Dallas Morning News

Garcia plays to type by sending improper, inaccurate email regarding DMN recommendation of Representative Marc Veasey

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Domingo Garcia’s thin skin and temper were on display following the decision by the Dallas Morning News to reject Garcia and, instead, recommend Representative Marc Veasey for the Democratic nomination in new Congressional District 33. In an email sent to his supporters late yesterday afternoon, Garcia seemed so desperate to blunt the damage of the DMN recommendation that he made matters worse. He not only improperly used the Democratic National Committee logo and made a series of statements that simply do not stand up to scrutiny, he also misspelled President Barack Obama’s name. Rather than give his supporters comfort, Garcia likely reinforced the opinion of the Dallas Morning News that Domingo Garcia simply does not have the temperament or the judgement needed to represent a racially and geographically diverse district like CD33.

Domingo fails fact test

Pasted below is the seething email sent by Garcia to supporters, with annotations in rebutting his incorrect statements with facts. As you can see, statements made by Garcia are at best misleading and often flatly untrue.

Perhaps The Dallas Morning News is confused, thinking today's endorsement was for the GOP primary.

What the diverse voters of District 33 really want is a solid Democrat who will fight for Democratic Party principles.

  • I will stand up and fight on issues that will get our economy back on track.

FACTS REBUTTING GARCIA: Neither as a State Representative nor as a City Councilman has Domingo Garcia made jobs or economic development a priority. In fact, he spent more time feuding with Democratic colleagues while pushing legislation to require public school vouchers than successfully pushing legislation to create jobs in the district he represented. (Source: Bill would require low-performance school transfers, San Antonio Express-News, January 23, 1999)

  • I will do what it takes in Congress to protect Medicare and Social Security.

FACTS REBUTTING GARCIA: The greatest obstacle to keeping Medicare and Social Security safe is the Republican majority in Congress where efforts are underway to privatize Social Security and turn Medicare into a voucher system. Domingo Garcia has worked to protect the Republican majority in Congress. Most recently, Garcia cut a deal with Rick Perry and Greg Abbott that gave Republicans at least three of the four new congressional districts in Texas.

  • I will reject financial support from predatory lenders and special interests.

FACTS REBUTTING GARCIA: During the 2011 Legislative Session, Representative Veasey supported legislation that would virtually end abusive pay day lending practices in Texas. And on the House floor he voted in support of legislation that would reform pay day lending. 

During his four years in the State Legislature, Domingo Garcia did not support or advance legislation to reform the pay day lending industry, and there is no record of Garcia ever speaking out against pay day lending.

Moreover, Garcia received and accepted a $500 financial contribution from pay day lender Cash America International, in 1998.

  • I will continue to advance equality for women and the LGBT community.

FACTS REBUTTING GARCIA: As a member of the Legislature, Garcia authored legislation supported by anti-choice Republicans that would have put the right of women to choose at risk. (Source: Add-ons prompt lawmaker to kill open container bills (story details Garcia's anti-choice bill), San Antonio Express-News, May 15, 1999.)

These are not the priorities of Dallas' major newspaper. The News is not particularly interested in endorsing a rock-hard Democrat.

FACTS REBUTTING GARCIA: While rejecting Domingo Garcia, in past years, the Dallas Morning News has recommended many highly regarded Democrats including Eddie Bernice Johnson, Martin Frost, Ron Kirk, Royce West, Craig Watkins, Lupe Valdez, Rafael Anchia, Roberto Alonzo, Bill White and many others. (Source: Dallas Morning News Archives)

I'm grateful to receive the editorial board's shout-out: "[Domingo Garcia] is intelligent, passionate, independent and generous with his time and money. He has a long and impressive commitment to civil rights and to immigration reform."

FACTS REBUTTING GARCIA: The very next sentence from the DMN sums up their reason for rejecting Garcia. The editorial reads: “Yet [Garcia] has also proved to be a very divisive and controversial figure even within his own community.”

However, the newspaper failed to point out that my opponent:

  • has a track record of promoting Republican priorities.

FACTS REBUTTING GARCIA: While Domingo Garcia was cutting redistricting deals with Republicans in Austin, Marc Veasey was leading the fight against Republican attacks on education and women’s health. Veasey's leadership was recognized when his colleagues elected him Chair of the House Democratic Caucus

  • has accepted campaign contributions from Republican donors.

FACTS REBUTTING GARCIA: Marc Veasey has raised more than 9 times the amount Domingo Garcia has raised. Veasey has been endorsed by the Texas AFL-CIO, the Texas Federation of Teachers, the Dallas Chapter of the Coalition of Black Democrats and many other progressive, Democratic organizations. Garcia has failed to win significant financial support from virtually any Democratic or progressive organization and has been forced to lend his own campaign over a quarter million dollars. If Garcia were not a millionaire lawyer, his campaign would be broke.

  • has voted in a Republican primary.

FACTS REBUTTING GARCIA: Marc Veasey voted in the 1996 GOP primary when he was 24 years old. (Keep in mind that Hillary Clinton was once a "Goldwater Girl" and an intern for Gerald Ford when he was the Republican leader of the House.) Since then, Veasey has emerged as one of the strongest and most effective Democratic leaders in North Texas. He has been elected to serve as a leader among Democrats in the State House. Veasey led the redistricting effort for Democrats in the Legislature and in Court. Veasey is the only candidate in the CD33 race who has joined the legal fight to block the Republican Voter Photo ID bill. Veasey has earned the trust and respect of Democrats who serve with him.

Conversely, just three months ago, Domingo Garcia cut a redistricting deal with Greg Abbott and Rick Perry to give three new districts to Republicans. While in the Legislature, Garcia said he preferred a Republican Speaker over the Democratic Speaker. (Source: Speaker tries to keep Texas' House in order, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, May 20, 2001.) When running for Mayor against Ron Kirk, Garcia bragged that he was “most conservative candidate in the race.” To quote the Dallas Morning News: “However, García’s long and sometimes turbulent history in the public eye…provided evidence to convince us that he is not right for the job.”

The voters of District 33 want an unmistakably clear Democrat to win the May 29 Democratic Party primary.

In 2008, The Dallas Morning News endorsed John McCain over Barak Obama. I am proud I endorsed President Obama, who needs an ally on Capitol Hill ... not just another Republican vote.

FACTS REBUTTING GARCIA: Domingo Garcia has a long track record of betraying fellow Democrats, particularly those he has allied with in the past. He betrayed his former best friend, Roberto Alonzo (LSP). He betrayed Democratic Speaker Pete Laney. (Source: Speaker tries to keep Texas' House in order,Fort Worth Star-Telegram, May 20, 2001.) He betrayed Mayor Ron Kirk. These are just some of the reasons why Texas Monthly listed Domingo Garcia as one of the ten worst legislators and labeled him a “one man leper colony.”

You deserve a leader who shares your values. I am that candidate and I ask for your vote and your support.

FACTS REBUTTING GARCIA: See all of the above in red.

Domingo Garcia
Candidate for U.S. Congress