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Garcia Puts His Ambition and Ego Ahead of the Facts…Again

Garcia retaliates for losing AFL-CIO and Frost endorsements

Now we know why:

  • The Dallas Morning News said Domingo Garcia is a“flawed candidate” and when Garcia allies were asked if they would be comfortable with Garcia in Congress, they“offered a blunt no.”
  • The Fort Worth Star-Telegram said “he [Garcia] makes more enemies than friends.”
  • Texas Monthly listed Domingo Garcia as one of the ten worst Texas Legislators and said he is a “one man leper colony.”
  • Dallas Observer's Jim Schutze said,"he's [Garcia] a liar."(Source: Someone's Lying; Hint: His initials are D.G., and he has a moustache, Dallas Observer, January 31, 2002)

Earlier this morning, Domingo Garcia released an angry email lashing out at Representative Marc Veasey and former Congressman Martin Frost for conducting a press conference with men and women who work at the General Motors assembly plant in Arlington. As usual, Garcia’s broadsides are over the top and factually incorrect. Incredibly, as part of an attack on Veasey and Frost, Garcia characterizes the thousands of manufacturing workers at General Motors and at Lockheed Martin, and the thousands of air service workers at American Airlines as Wall Street financiers.

Domingo is Disgruntled

Marc Veasey has won most of the major endorsements from progressive organizations like the Texas AFL-CIO. He also has endorsements from respected leaders like former Congressman Martin Frost. Of course, Domingo Garcia knows that the nearly 40,000 north Texas workers at American Airlines, Lockheed and the GM plant in Arlington are not Wall Street executives. Garcia’s attack is likely retaliation against north Texas workers, the AFL-CIO and Martin Frost specifically for rejecting his request for their endorsement and backing Marc Veasey instead.

More Garcia Hypocrisy

The dishonesty of the Garcia attack is matched only by its hypocrisy. Just a few months ago, Domingo Garcia huddled with the real Texas allies of irresponsible and predatory corporations – Greg Abbott and Rick Perry – to betray minority voters and Democrats across the state. Garcia sold out Hispanic voters, African American voters and all Democrats when he cut a deal with Abbott and Perry that strands thousands of minority voters in safe Republican districts in return for a district in which he could file as a candidate. He betrayed Texas voters and now he is lying to them.

Below is the text from Domingo's desperate email. Each false and misleading claim is followed by the facts presented in red.

Dear Friends & Supporters:

This morning one of my opponents, Marc Veasey, will do something no Democrat should ever do: stand with big corporations on Wall Street, not the workers.

FACT: Marc Veasey has been endorsed by the Texas AFL-CIO. Domingo Garcia sought their endorsement and was rejected.

The facts are clear: big corporations are using accounting tricks and legal filings to break their commitments to hourly-wage workers. I am not afraid to oppose the CEOs, but Veasey is in their back pocket … bought and paid for by the Washington special interests.

FACT: Marc Veasey is recognized as one of the most effective opponents of Rick Perry and corporate Republicans. During his four years in the State House, Domingo Garcia built a reputation for betraying fellow Democrats by introducing and advancing school voucher bills and anti-choice legislation. (Sources: Voucher measure submitted, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, January 19, 1999; Add-ons prompt lawmaker to kill open container bills (story details Garcia's anti-choice bill), San Antonio Express-News, May 15, 1999.)

Veasey and Fox News contributor Martin Frost are going to hold a press conference where they will attack me for standing up against the corporate bosses. They will twist my words and misrepresent my position because they are desperate to prop up a failing campaign. Mr. Veasey has already launched negative attack after negative attack. Candidates who are behind usually get desperate and start making false charges.

FACT: Representative Veasey and Congressman Frost will stand with workers – not managers – from General Motors and will defend against the verbal assault launched by Domingo Garcia last week when he said the automobiles produced at the General Motors plant in Arlington are “not good for America.”

Shame on them.

For the record: I support GM jobs and workers, I oppose the corporate bosses that make gas guzzlers Americans don't want to buy and that cannot compete in the world market place. I believe GM needs to produce cars that provide better gas mileage and with lower emissions, that American buyers want. This will keep and grow GM jobs in the Metroplex. 

FACT: Last week Domingo Garcia attacked three of the largest employers in North Texas – Lockheed Martin, American Airlines and General Motors. Over 40,000 north Texans work at these facilities. Garcia offered no ideas for how to retain these jobs. He blindly attacked.

Domingo Garcia owns a Porsche and a Maserati, two sports cars. No wonder he cannot relate to workers at General Motors. Marc Veasey drives a Buick.

The greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression did not occur because hourly-wage workers did something wrong, it happened because big corporations took huge risks and then asked us to cover the losses with bailouts…just like we saw this week when JP Morgan lost $2 billion on more risky schemes.

People like Mitt Romney and Marc Veasey think that “corporations are people too”, they take the special interest money, and are afraid to stand up to them when they attempt to use sham bankruptcies to bust up the unions and break contracts that were signed in good faith. They believe in “pay to play” politics, I do not.

FACT: Garcia sought the endorsement of Martin Frost and the Texas AFL-CIO. Texas labor and former Congressman Frost rejected Garcia and endorsed Marc Veasey as the candidate they can trust.

I have also never been afraid to be the voice for those families who lack a voice. My record is clear: I have stood up to big corporations, the establishment and especially Republicans. I stand with the workers, not the CEOs.

FACT: Domingo Garcia allied with Republicans as a state legislator and earlier this year cut a redistricting deal with State Republican leaders.

Mr. Veasey has voted in Republican primaries, taken illegal contributions from Republican billionaires like Harold Simmons in exchange for allowing them to dump toxic waste in our backyard, and lied about my record. So it really should not be a surprise that he and his backers stand with corporate leadership over frontline workers. He is the establishment's paid for errand boy.

FACT: Marc Veasey's leadership has been recognized by his peers in the Legislature who elected him House Democratic Caucus Chair. Domingo Garcia betrayed and offended so many people in the Legislature that he was listed as one of the 10 worst legislators. Texas monthly called Domingo Garcia a “one man leper colony.”

My values are clear. I support the working men and women of the Metroplex, and I oppose the corporate efforts to walk away from the commitments they made to pay a fair wage and fund an adequate retirement.

FACT: The workers in North Texas have spoken for themselves. They rejected Domingo Garcia and endorsed Marc Veasey.

Support my campaign to stand up to big corporations and defend the salary and benefits of unionized workers in the Metroplex. Contribute to our campaign here and volunteer to help us get out the vote here.

FACT: According to the latest FEC report filed by Garcia, he has only ten individual contributors. To cover for the lack of support, he has loaned his own campaign more than one quarter of a million dollars.


Domingo Garcia
Democratic Party Candidate for U.S. Congress