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LSP Spotlight - Rep. Marc Veasey


Top Ten Texas political winners and losers of 2011

Welcome to the rollercoaster of Texas politics, 2011. The year that’s coming to an end has seen numerous reversals of political fortune, from Rick Perry’s rapid descent in the presidential race to the bizarre legal battle over the state’s legislative and congressional redistricting. Here are ten of the big winners (and losers) in Lone Star politics:


Marc Veasey

The Democratic state representative from Fort Worth emerged as one of his party’s most dynamic legislators. His skillful legal strategy set the state for a three-judge federal panel to dramatically redraw Texas congressional districts in a way that benefited Texas’ burgeoning African American and Latino population. If the U.S. Supreme Court doesn’t decide otherwise, Veasey just might end up with a new congressional district of his very own.

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Dear Friends,

Marc Veasey

Rep. Marc Veasey

Those of us who know Marc Veasey have seen him as a rising star among young Texas Democrats even before his election to the State House in 2006. During his short time in office, Representative Veasey's leadership in North Texas and within the State House has been outstanding. It was gratifying to see his hard work and leadership acknowledged last month when the Houston Chronicle named him one of a select group of “winners” in 2011.

Most recently, Marc has played a crucial role in standing up against the overtly partisan and illegal redistricting plans adopted by the Republican-controlled legislature. He is a lead plaintiff in the lawsuit challenging the redistricting plans and is an outstanding witness, providing crucial evidence exposing the Republican plans as both retrogressive and discriminatory.

So, we begin the new year with a salute to Texas State Representative Marc Veasey for his outstanding leadership in 2011 and with an eye toward his bright future in 2012 and the many years to come.

Matt Angle
Matt Angle 
Lone Star Project Director