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The importance of Beto O’Rourke’s strong performance across Texas combined with big Democratic sweeps in Dallas and Harris counties can’t be understated.
The importance of Beto O’Ro
Mainstream Texas voters turning away from ideologically divisive and hyper-partisan Republican officeholders

Some Republican officeholders in San Antonio this weekend don’t realize they are likely attending their last Republican State Convention as elected officials.



Reprinted with permission of Quorum Report.

Nonpartisan report shows Trump’s economic plan would cause recession

Yesterday Moody’s Analytics

Call for vandalism draws attention to Carlos Quintanilla’s long criminal record

In a recent and bizarre Facebook post, long shot Congressional District 33 challenger Carlos Quintanilla called on supporters to literally "trash" campaign yard signs for incumbent Congressman Marc Veasey. Quintanilla wrote in Spanish: "A LA BASURA LOS SIGNS DE MARC VEASEY." Facebook translated the message into English: "To the trash the signs of Marc Veasey."

Ken Paxton rejected for his unethical and criminal acts

In the race for the next attorney general, every major Texas newspaper has endorsed Sam Houston over his opponent, Ken Paxton.

Innate flaws in PPP and many other public polls discount their value

The PPP Poll released earlier today showed a 14-point gap in the Texas Governor's race. Last month, the Emerson College poll showed the race with only a 7 point gap, earlier polls showed different margins. While the press and the larger online world may view public polls like these as indicators of how things are progressing in the ongoing Governor’s race, serious political observers and the campaigns themselves don’t.

Not a Real Democrat — Not Right for Texas

For Texas Democrats voting in the May 27th Texas Democratic Party US Senate runoff, ruling out Kesha Rogers should be easy.

LSP tracks returns in key races across the state

March 4th Primary results as they come in


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