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Failed Texas GOP Leaders

Hunt must break his alliance with out-of-touch GOP Commissioner Steve Radack.

Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack set the bar for out-of-touch indifference in 2016 when he insulted a group of concerned Houston homeowners by saying that “people enjoy floods” and were looking

Email conflicts with Angela Paxton’s claim she did not consult with AG Ken Paxton on bill that could aid his legal defense


AG Paxton’s First Move on Texas Chemical Fire was to Shield Corporations from Justice

Republican Chip Roy votes to deny backpay to furloughed federal workers, yet claimed government pay and healthcare while working for a Ted Cruz Super PAC

If an award were given for the first and most blatant act of hypocrisy by a Texas freshman Member of Congress, Republican Chip Roy (CD21 – Austin) would win hands down. 

Earlier today, Democratic congressional leaders met with Donald Trump to discuss alternatives to avoid a destructive government shutdown.  Rather than discuss the issue in good faith with the aim to fi

Konni Burton’s Property Tax & Education Lie
Burton is anxious to divert attention away from her massive sales tax plan and her votes to raise already skyrocketing property taxes.

 Tea Party/Trump Party Republican Konni Burton took her Texas Senate District 10 race against mai

Burton wants Texans to Pay Higher Sales Taxes than California

Today, the Lone Star Project released an online video exposing State Sen.

A Destructive Ideologue, Bad for Dallas.

When Lisa Luby Ryan beat incumbent Jason Villalba in the House District 114 Republican Primary, the biggest celebration wasn’t in Dallas – it was in Austin at the headquarters of right wing Tea Party s

Local Republicans manipulate the law and reach into bottom of the barrel for a replacement.

Former Rowlett Mayor Todd Gottel filed for and won the Republican nomination for Dallas County Judge.  However, Gottel apparently didn’t like his prospects against the highly regarded Democratic incumb


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