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Lone Star Project Report

State Agrees to Preserve Senate District 10

Senator Wendy Davis’ tough, smart, legal fight protects Fort Worth minority neighborhoods

Comments from Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle:

Senator Wendy Davis and other key leaders like Commissioner Roy Brooks, State Representative Marc Veasey and Constable Sergio De Leon had the guts and the smarts to stand up to Greg Abbott. Their courage paid off. Greg Abbott and state Republicans spent millions of dollars trying to eliminate the voting rights of Tarrant County citizens. Wendy Davis and Tarrant County leaders stood up to them and stopped them.

Just a short time ago, the state Attorney General’s office agreed to drop its efforts to dismantle Senate District 10. Under an agreement made with state Senator Wendy Davis and other plaintiffs, Senate District 10 will remain completely unchanged in its configuration.

The concession on the state’s part represents an enormous victory for Tarrant County voters, minority citizens in Fort Worth and Senator Davis herself. In an attempt to destroy Senate District 10, the state of Texas removed large African American neighborhoods in the southeastern part of the district and attached them to an Anglo Republican district extending one hundred miles to the south. The state then removed Latino neighborhoods in the northern part of the district and attached them to a Denton County Republican district. Under the agreement, all of these changes are reversed.

Senator Davis defied predictions that a legal challenge to Senate District 10 would be unsuccessful. This agreement represents a clean and complete victory for Senator Davis and other plaintiffs.