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When a mother gets sick…The whole family hurts

Narrow ideology and extreme partisanship hurting Texas

Even some Republicans know they’re wrong.

"We can't keep turning back federal funds that every state gets and then try to find money in our budget, which is already being cut in key areas like education."

Senator Hutchison, March 22, 2012

Failed Texas leaders are hurting Texas families

One-party Republican control in Texas has moved beyond a political problem for Democrats. It now stands as a threat to the well-being of all Texas families and the ability of our state to compete and thrive in the coming decade. The narrow ideology and political ambition of Rick Perry and other Texas Republican leaders have overtaken thoughtful policy deliberation and sincere concern for Texas families. Throughout the remainder of the year, the Lone Star Project will produce and distribute ads that expose the failure of one-party Republican control in Texas and the damage blind ideological Republican partisanship is doing to our state.

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Wives

No issue better exposes the harm done by the reckless and harmful politics played by Governor Rick Perry and Texas Republican leaders than the denial of basic healthcare services to women. Over the last 15 months, Perry and his political allies have altered Texas law and manipulated state regulations to deny at least 400,000 Texas woman fundamental healthcare services that save lives and save Texans millions of dollars.

  • 283,909 Texas women will lose healthcare services in 2012-2013 to comply with provisions inserted into the Republican budget passed by the Legislature last year. (Source: Legislative Budget Board memo, 5/5/11)
  • At least 130,000 Texas women will lose services due to legislation passed last year by the Texas Republican leadership that violates federal law and forfeits $26 million in federal healthcare funding. (Source: Department of Health and Human Services letter to Texas, 3/15/12)

The cost of denying basic healthcare services

Denying basic care such as diabetes testing, contraception services, breast exams and other cancer screenings means more unplanned pregnancies, and more mothers, sisters, daughters and wives lost far too soon. (Source: Legislative Budget Board memo, 5/5/11)

It's a heartless policy that ultimately costs taypayers more in the long run.

Removing healthcare services does not prevent women from getting sick or babies from being born. The cost simply shifts to local hospitals and communities. The Legislative Budget Board (LBB) reported that emergency room births alone, which are covered under Medicaid in Texas, result in medical bills of over $11,000 per birth. By denying healthcare to women, the LBB estimates over 20,000 additional unplanned births at a cost to Texas taxpayers in 2012 – 2013 of over $90 million. (Read the LBB briefing memo here)

Perry’s empty and dishonest pledge

Rick Perry says that he will “find” state revenue to cover the $26 million in federal dollars lost due to the illegal provision approved by Texas GOP leaders, but will not use money currently in the state’s Rainy Day Fund. (Source: Houston Chronicle, 3/14/12)

However, there are no available state revenues in Texas outside of the Rainy Day Fund. To replace federal funding, Perry must divert $26 million from other services provided to Texans like Medicaid funding for parents and grandparents in nursing homes or CHIP funding used to provide healthcare to Texas children. (Source: Houston Chronicle, 3/14/12)

Moreover, even if Perry diverts state funding to replace the federal revenue, at best it will cover under one-third of the Texas women losing healthcare services. Over 280,000 others will still be left stranded and denied cancer screenings along with other vital treatments and services.

How can you help?

factsDON'T bother calling Rick Perry or Texas Republican leaders. Their political ambitions rely on support from the most narrow-minded and partisan forces in the Republican Party. Their political success stands at cross purposes with the well-being of Texas.

INSTEAD, check our facts.

THEN, join our effort.

Texans will make the right choice when they know the damage done to Texas by Republican extremism and blind partisan ambition.

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